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Is There Anesthesia Given for Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you’re considering hair transplant surgery, one of the questions you might have is whether anesthesia is used during the procedure. There’s been a trend in a lot of the consultations we’ve been doing regarding people that have been very reluctant to do hair transplantation because their concern is they don’t want to undergo a general anesthesia. So, will you be getting anesthesia?

The short answer, no.

However, there are ways we help you feel comfortable and as pain free as possible during your transplantation. Before the procedure starts, you will be given an anxiolytic medication called Versed (“ver-said”). This medication is a tiny shot in the arm that just takes the edge off a little bit. Versed is like a liquid Valium, you become more relaxed and comfortable.

After, we numb the entire scalp with a local anesthetic. Once that is done you may feel a couple of pinches and burns there but overall, once we are done you won’t feel a thing. The effects last for hours and allow you to undergo the hair transplant pain free. You’ll be able to get up, walk around, if you need to take a phone call or use the restroom, you can do all of those things with this level of anesthesia. If this is the one factor holding you back, don’t let it. We get lots of repeat clients which says a lot about us and our work.

At The Saratoga Hair Transplant Center at Williams, we make the hair transplantation process as comfortable as possible for each of our patients.

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