Donor Scars

We feel it is important to devote a few words on this site to the topic of donor scars. If the hair surgeon is skillful in the placement of his donor harvest path and keeps its width relatively narrow, then the resultant scars should be consistently very narrow and undetectable, even with wearing the hair reasonably short.

There will always be a tiny percentage of patients who have hyper-elastic, stretchy skin, who will stretch to slightly wider donor scars, but usually we can predict ahead of time who these persons are and at the very least warn them of it and make sure that they are willing to wear their hair sufficiently long to hide any evidence that might result. For over 95% of patients, keeping the strip narrow and using a double layer closure technique has resulted, in our hands, in consistently thin scars which are patients have been very happy with.

When we do second or third procedures, we always take the new strip from exactly above the old scar, usually removing the old scar in the process, so that, when the entire hair transplant procedure is completed, there is only one narrow scar resulting.

This is possible if one maintains at least a 10-12 month interval between procedures, so that the scalp has a chance to regain its original laxity.

The problem of wide donor scars occurs when one attempts to take too wide of a strip or if the surgeon goes back in to reharvest the next strip only 3-4 months after the last one. Several examples of our scars are shown on this page.

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