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Does Vaping Cause Hair Loss?

Does Vaping Cause Hair Loss?

Vaping and hair loss have been an increasing concern among patients since the rise of using these battery-charged nicotine devices. To answer this question, let’s break it down from square one: how does hair growth work? Understanding the process of hair growth will help you better understand why there could be a link between vaping and hair loss.

How does hair grow anyway?

Hair growth occurs when the follicles on your scalp receive nutrients and oxygen from your bloodstream. Imagine you and your friend racing to finish drinking a glass of water. One has to drink it with a stir-sized straw while the other gets a standard-sized straw. If the goal is to drink the water the fastest, you would most likely pick the normal-sized straw as it is more effective for the task. 

This is how nutrients are transported to your hair follicle with constricted blood vessels vs. normal healthy ones. 

What does vaping have to do with this?

When you use vape products which contain nicotine, you are actively constricting your blood vessels and arteries, making it much more difficult to deliver the oxygen and nutrients throughout your body- including the hair follicles. Throughout your time using nicotine products, you could potentially see a decrease in the quality of your hair, the rate at which it grows, and potentially hair loss if the follicles aren’t receiving the nutrients they need when they need it. 

Is losing hair from vaping 100% going to happen to you?

No, not 100%. We can’t definitively say that vaping or nicotine products make you lose your hair. But we can 100% say that they constrict your arteries and vessels, which carry the nutrients to your hair follicles. If you have noticed an increase in the amount of shedding since starting nicotine products, it may be time to kick the bad habit to the curb, as you could exacerbate the problem.

What do I do if I have been losing more hair since starting nicotine products?

Well, for starters, stop using nicotine products as soon as possible. Give your body time to flush the nicotine out of your system and begin healing itself from the inside out. Wait a few months and keep a close eye on how much you’re shedding. If you notice your hair growing faster and thicker since quitting, congratulations! If not, and it’s a concern to you, it may be time to seek a professional assessment from a hair restoration specialist (that’s us!). 

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